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Olivier Zelen joins Fibonacci!

Olivier Zelen joins Fibonacci!

We love to collaborate with talents in every sector and are thrilled that Olivier Zelen has agreed to join us as a Brand Designer. His expertise and style will bring so many projets to life that we are so excited for you to discover!
And as we don’t change a winning team, we let you get to know his personality through our traditional interview👇

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
I am a brand designer with a passion for graphic design and art direction. Since 2014, I’ve been creating content focused on usability, information architecture, accessibility, typography and perfect readability on any device.

What studies did you do?
I did a master in digital communication at IIM digital school.

What made you want to join Fibonacci?
The projects. I appreciate Fibonacci’s vision and its willingness to invest in “ethical” projects.

What is the craziest project you have been asked to work on?
A top secret Fibonacci project! 

What do you like most about your job?
Creativity: The graphic designer must be able to innovate and propose creative solutions adapted to the brief and the client’s universe.

If you hadn’t been a Brand Designer, what would you have done for a living?
Tattoo artist. I got my hygiene training, I acquired a tattoo machine, ink and needles. All I need now are guinea pigs to practice on 🙂

Can you name a campaign that made an impression on you?
Burger King: I’m blown away by the brutal and effective wordings displayed in BK restaurants.

Which brand would you like to work for?

Which member of the Fibonacci team do you like best?
Camille, without hesitation! (Did I feel compelled to say her first name because she wrote this article and these questions? Maybe 😂)